ShowToss a Coin

TOSS A COIN is a podcast focused on THE WITCHER franchise.

Hosted by Mike Slamer, host of We Are Starfleet & Gotham U, as he discusses the Netflix series, games and the expansive fantasy franchise beyond.

2. Nightmare of the Wolf

In this episode, your hosts Mike Slamer and Ian Buckley (of WE ARE STARFLEET: A STAR TREK DISCOVERY podcast) team up to take on the Netflix anime film, "Nightmare of the Wolf."

Mike Slamer / Ian Buckley

Executive Producer:
Tony Black...

1. Toss a Coin: A Primer

Welcome to TOSS A COIN: A Witcher podcast.

Join your host, Mike Slamer, as he discusses The Witcher and what to expect from the show as he journeys through the valley of plenty...

Host / Editor

Mike Slamer

Executive Producer

Tony Black...