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Bonus – Red Dwarf

A bonus episode of Right In The Childhood.

Right in the Childhood is a podcast about nostalgia and kids TV. The show's hosts are two friends from different generations, Mark and Fraser. Mark is a 43 year old on the edge of Gen X and Millennial;...

Basket Case 2 (1990)

EPISODE 106 - Do you have the time to listen to us whine? If so, we review Basket Case 2 between discussing Boglins, portable X-ray machines and NFTs.

Dave Walker
Chris Wilson
Rob Yeomans

Dave Walker...

570. File Re-Opened #5: Pilot

Pilot - Re-Run

In between the downtime of seasons of The X-Cast, we're going to re-open some of our files and revive classic X-Cast discussions to enjoy all over again.

Tony Black introduces his discussion with guest Lee Howard, on the Pilot...

41. Scream (2022)

Scream - Analysis Welcome to the latest episode of REEL TALK, the official We Made This network movie show. Join your host, podcaster and writer Dan Owen, editor of Frame Rated, with guests Craig McKenzie & Ashley Thomas, podcasters and writers...