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24. The Green Knight

Welcome to the latest episode of REEL TALK, the official We Made This network movie show.

Your host for this episode, recurring guest Ashley Thomas, is joined by fellow recurring guest Ian Buckley to discuss David Lowery's fascinating saga THE...

Killer Crocodile 2 (1990)

EPISODIO 98 - Il tuffo di Dave nel bidone della merda raggiunge livelli assurdi mentre sceglie un'altra fregatura di Jaws, questa completamente doppiata in italiano.

Dave Walker
Chris Wilson
Rob Yeomans

Dave Walker...

64. Bloodline

3x18 'Bloodline' - Episode Analysis.

This week Luke Winch is joined by guest Neoshia Roemer as they discuss 1x18 of Fringe, 'Bloodline'. Not only do they dig deep into the psyche of the characters but also have a fascinating discussion about the...

550. Closure

7x11 'Closure' - Episode Analysis

Our coverage of Season 7 continues as host Carl Sweeney is joined by recurring guests Chris Knowles & Darren Mooney to discuss the eleventh episode of season seven, 'Closure', and to discuss your feedback......