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523. Milagro

6x18 'Milagro' - Episode Analysis

Our coverage of Season 6 continues as host Sarah Blair is joined by guests Marlene Stemme & J. J. Lendl to discuss the eighteenth episode of season six, 'Milagro' and to discuss your feedback...



4×02 – DNA

Welcome to SHIPWRECKED & COMATOSE, an in-depth podcast dedicated to the classic BBC science-fiction sitcom, Red Dwarf. In this episode, your regular hosts, Kurt North and Mark Adams, are joined by Carl Bryan to discuss episode 2 of series 4 of...

5. Batman … Begins?

No, we’re not talking the 2008 Christopher Nolan film, in fact we are going way back to 1939 where it all began. How did the story of Batman come to be? Jason breaks down the creation of the iconic detective and navigates the ins and outs of the...

71. Via Dolorosa

3x21 'Via Dolorosa' - Episode Analysis

In the latest episode of our Season 3 coverage, host Kurt North and guests Darren Mooney & Chris Knowles discuss the twenty-first episode of the season, 'Via Dolorosa'...

Host / Editor

Kurt North...

45. Olivia

3x01 'Olivia' - Episode analysis. We are back! We are starting our coverage of season three of Fringe with your host Luke Winch and guest Andrew Brooker discussing 3x01 'Olivia' and also the season as a whole. Fringe is changing things up and we are...

Village of the Damned (1995)

EPISODE 88 - Chris Linay returns to talk about some children who know all your secrets. Now you're thinking, ''I hope that's shepherd's pie in my knickers.''

Chris Wilson
Rob Yeomans

Chris Linay



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