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Welcome to We Made This, a network of podcasts and writing made by us, for you…

We Made This launched at the beginning of 2019 with its flagship series, The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast, leading the way. It was soon joined by an assortment of TV, film, music & popular culture podcasts, many of which intersect and overlap with one another and share podcasting talents.

You can find the network on all major social media platforms and you can contact us directly via email here: wemadethispodnetwork@gmail.com

Meet the team below:

Founder / Network Chief

A. J. Black is the founder and network chief of We Made This. An author and podcaster, ‘Tony’ (as you can call him) first found podcast success with The X-Cast: An X-Files Podcast, still going strong after 5 years, before founding WMT in 2019 and developing a whole host of shows around film, TV & pop culture. You can hear him on most shows on the network at some stage!

TWITTER: @ajblackwriter
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ajblackwriting
INSTAGRAM: @ajblackwriting


Mark Adams (He/Him) is a Humanist Celebrant and a self-described geek polymath: fan of loads of geekery; superfan of none. He is also a Wrestling Ring Announcer, a Scout Leader and a 40 something champagne socialist. He first found podcast success as the host of a wrestling podcast called BritWresChat in 2013 before podcasting was cool, and after a few years away, came back with Life’s Milestones inspired by his job. You can hear him as a main host on Right In The Childhood, Shipwrecked & Comatose and Life’s Milestones. He also showruns Did You Ever Watch…? and guests on other WMT shows.

WEBSITE: http://www.humanist.org.uk/markadams
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/MarkAdamsCelebrant

Matt Latham (he/him) turns computers off and on for a living. When he’s not doing that he’s listening to the music, watching the television and going to the local gig. He’s also a keen podcast listener which he often does whilst (for some reason) running by choice. He’s the host of the Pick A Disc podcast and occasionally appears on Shipwrecked and Comatose. 

TWITTER: @pickadisc
INSTAGRAM: @pickadisc
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pickadisc

Craig McKenzie is an implausibly prolific blogger and podcaster. He first appeared on WMT as a guest on Make it So and became the John Barrowman of the network as in he showed up one day as a guest and now won’t leave. You can hear him on Podcast-616, Rarely Going and any podcast on the network that will let him on.

TWITTER: @Nemesis4909 – originally a Resident Evil reference, not a Star Trek reference – & @KneelBeforeBlog

Kurt North has spent 25+ years as a performing musician and has worked in a Culture and Arts Centre for over 15 years where he started as a projectionist for its large format 70mm film screen. He has since developed a second cinema screen and is now in charge of operations. Has a love of TV and would class The X-Files, Millennium, Lost, Star Trek and Twin Peaks amongst his favourites. First appeared on The X-Cast on a roundtable and its season three coverage is now showrunning alongside his other projects, The Time Is Now: A Millennium PodcastMake It So: A Star Trek Picard PodcastShipwrecked And Comatose: A Red Dwarf Podcast.

TWITTER: @Rmuldrake

Mike Slamer (He/Him) joined the WMT network in early 2020 as a new voice in the world of podcasting. A musician and AV professional, Mike lives in New Jersey, USA, and is an avid cyclist and dog-person! You can hear him on We Are Starfleet and GothamU, and on various shows around the network.

TWITTER: @MikeSlamer
INSTAGRAM: @stopslammertime

Luke Winch (He/Him) spends his podcast time between alternate universes – the bridge of the La Sirena or the lower decks of U.S.S. Cerritos. When not podcasting Luke lives in Lincoln, UK and is currently studying an Earth Sciences part-time degree and likes going on hikes and walks. You can find him as host or co-host on Observing the Pattern, Make It So, Rarely Going and as guest host for Podcast-616 as well as appearing on other podcasts across the network.

TWITTER: @Luke_Winch




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