70. Flux Gourmet (w/ Ashley Thomas)

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This week, your host Nick Chandler is joined by film and television writer and one of the hosts of WMT’s own Podcast-616, Ashley Thomas. This episode is all about the weird and wonderful new film from British director Peter Strickland, FLUX GOURMET. A film which stars Asa Butterfield, Gwendoline Christie, and Fatma Mohamed.

We also take the opportunity to talk about the new Marvel Special Presentation, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT; and whilst on the subject of the MCU, the season finale of SHE-HULK.



Host & Editor – Nick Chandler
Guest – Ashley Thomas

Executive Producer – Tony Black

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Follow ASHLEY THOMAS on Twitter @TheNerdyBlogger, on Facebook at facebook.com/TheNerdyBlogger, read her words on Fangirlish.com or her own blog, nerdyblogging.wordpress.com. You can also hear her words being read on the Sci-Fi 5 podcast, which his 5 minutes of Science Fiction history, 5 days a week. Ashley is ½ of the We Made This Network’s Marvel podcast, Podcast-616, and she also co-hosts a show with some friends called Dearly Debated, in which she and her friends argue about film, television, comics, etc.

Listen to the Podcast-616 episodes on WEREWOLF BY NIGHT & the SHE-HULK finale here:
Werewolf By Night: https://wemadethisnetwork.com/2022/10/14/93-werewolf-by-night/
She-Hulk Finale: https://wemadethisnetwork.com/2022/10/17/94-she-hulk-1×09-whose-show-is-this/

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