Welcome back to YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING, a podcast about British sitcoms.

Join your hosts Tony Black & Robert Turnbull as they travel back to 1999 (or maybe 1969) to discuss Arthur Mathews’ short-lived BBC sitcom, HIPPIES.

Set at the end of the 60s, featuring Simon Pegg, Sally Phillips, Julian Rhind-Tutt & Darren Boyd as an assortment of middle-class hippies running a counterculture magazine, the series confronts many of the cliches of the era – fashion, hair, festivals etc… but whether it truly manages to bring it all to life is open to question. We try and find out.

In two weeks time, join Tony & Rob as they approach the end of the world with David Renwick & Andrew Marshall’s 1982 political satire, WHOOPS APOCALYPSE!

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Robert Turnbull

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