Welcome back to YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING, a podcast about British sitcoms.

Join your hosts Tony Black & Robert Turnbull as they head for HMP Slade to discuss Dick Clement & Ian la Frenais’ 1970s BBC sitcom, PORRIDGE.

Starring the great Ronnie Barker as seasoned lag Norman Stanley Fletcher, wheeling, dealing and conniving his way in stir as he plans to ‘go straight’, Porridge has gone down in sitcom history as one of the greats. But has it stood the test of time? What about the legacy of its sequels and revivals? And what impact did it have on shows to come?

In two weeks time, join Tony & Rob as they head back to 1999 (or maybe 1999) to discuss Arthur Mathews’ short-lived BBC series, HIPPIES…

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Robert Turnbull

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