Special 34 – Right in the Childhood: Samurai Pizza Cats

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Welcome to SHIPWRECKED & COMATOSE, an in-depth podcast dedicated to the classic BBC science-fiction sitcom, Red Dwarf.

In this special episode in between series 6 and 7, the second of three in a series, we’re reposting an episode from Mark’s other podcast Right in the Childhood. RitC is a podcast where Mark and a guest have a chat about a favourite children’s TV show, and three of those episodes featured Shipwrecked & Comatose hosts as his guest.

In this episode, Mark welcomes Carl for a chat about Samurai Pizza Cats: the anime imported to the US by Saban, dubbed with different plots and jokes to the original Japanese storylines, and then broadcast in the UK on early morning Saturday shows.

Host: Mark Adams
Guest: Carl Bryan
Editor: Mark Adams

Twitter: @RedDwarfPod
We Made This on Twitter: @we_madethis
Website: https://wemadethisnetwork.com/

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