13. Cuffy & Cribbins: A Tribute

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Welcome back to YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING, a podcast about British sitcoms.

Join your hosts Tony Black & Robert Turnbull for a sadly unexpected tribute episode to the great Bernard Cribbins, who passed away July 27th, 2022, at the age of 93.

They take a whistle stop tour through his long career discussing his early CARRY ON movies, his legendary TV appearances such as voicing THE WOMBLES and playing Mr Hutchinson in FAWLTY TOWERS’ ‘The Hotel Inspectors’, all the way through to his late in life famed role in DOCTOR WHO, and with a special focus on 1983’s CUFFY, one of the few sitcoms he had a starring role in…

Next time, join Tony & Rob as they head to do some stir at HMP Slade as they deep dive into the classic mid-70’s Ronnie Barker vehicle, PORRIDGE…

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Tony Black


Robert Turnbull

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