Episode 110 – Night of the Living Dead and Get Out (With Special Guest Adam Murray)

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This week we are honoured to be joined by Adam Murray from the Bristol Black Horror Club to discuss socially conscious horror films. The films this week are the George A Romero ghoul classic, Night of the Living Dead and Jordan Peele’s beautifully subversive Get Out.

We delve into some of the exciting and wonderful places around Bristol to take in films such as the wonderful Waterfront cinema (with their recent Cinema Rediscovered event) and the ever fantastic 20th Century Flicks.

The timings for this week are:
Night of the Living Dead (9:03)
Get Out (41:21)

Next weeks theme will be Orwellian dystopia.

Find out more about Adam and the Bristol Black Horror Club:

Twitter: @BrisBlakHorrorC
Website: www.bristolblackhorrorclub.com
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