6. Class Horror & Society (1989)

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Welcome back to PARTISAN, a podcast exploring politics and history in film and entertainment.

Join your host, Tony Black, as he is joined by co-host of the upcoming Vampire Videos podcast, horror writer Hugh McStay, to discuss Brian Yuzna’s 1989 satirical class horror, SOCIETY…

Next time on Partisan, guest Affable Joey joins us to discuss Barry Levinson’s 1998 political satire, WAG THE DOG…

Host / Editor / Producer

Tony Black


Hugh McStay


Brian Yuzna interviews: https://medium.com/cjmccracken/brian-yuznas-society-the-lost-interviews-714a76c561c1
Brian Yuzna talking to Daily Dead: https://dailydead.com/neon-bosch-an-interview-with-brian-yuzna/
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Mariella Frostrup talks to Billy Warlock: https://youtu.be/AcNQwPmOXtc

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Eat the Rich: Body Horror and Capitalist Consumption in ‘Society’ by Lilla Pavin-Franks: https://screen-queens.com/2020/11/09/eat-the-rich-body-horror-and-capitalist-consumption-in-society/

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