26 – Glen or Glenda

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Welcome to CHUCKYVISION, a podcast about the horror franchise Child’s Play and the main character, Chucky the Good Guy Doll.

Welcome to the monthly specials before the confirmed season 2 of Chucky begins later in 2022! In this month’s offering, Dev and Mark travel back to 1953 to address the oddest reference in the Chucky franchise: Glen or Glenda. An hour long “movie” by schlock-master Ed Wood intended to cover a real-life transsexual story and instead delves into the writer/director’s own personal issues surrounding his transvestism. A wild campy ride with a shocking amount of empathy, we consider “one of the worst movies ever” may hold significant values still debated today!

Host: Dev Elson
Co-Host: Mark Adams
Editor: Dev Elson
Executive Producer: Tony Black

Twitter: @ChuckyVision
We Made This on Twitter: @we_madethis

Title music: At the Beginning (c) Dark Fantasy Studios

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