Doctor Who – Out of Time 3: Wink (Big Finish Review)

Since August 2020, the Tenth Doctor Adventures range has followed a trilogy of multi-Doctor special adventures featuring David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor meeting one of his previous incarnations and battling an iconic fan-favourite monster. So far we’ve had Ten, Four and the Daleks, and Ten, Five and the Cybermen. But it’s undeniable that I’ve most been awaiting Wink, pitting the Tenth and Sixth Doctors against the Weeping Angels! So let’s see how it holds up compared to the other releases…

As per usual with these Out of Time releases, I never expect anything too much; more just a great time and some fan with personality clashes. And while that is still here, I was surprised by the depth of narrative too. The Weeping Angels continue to magically excel in an audio medium in a way I never quite expected before I listened to their first appearance in Fallen Angels, and to hear David Tennant reuniting with them is a joy. Plus as the added bonus we get the wonderful Colin Baker and his verbose character in the mix as well!

David Tennant is always a joy to listen to, and Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor is perhaps the perfect incarnation to pair him with. From the get-go, we get the Doctor-banter that makes these stories the events they are and the stark clash of these two provides for some wonderful interactions from Ol’ Sixie’s enquiry on just why the Tenth is so energetic and bouncy (Do we not get out as much as we used to?), while his disdain at the Tenth’s little nickname for him is the cherry on the cake!

The Angels themselves are a perfect threat for this story; the world with no sight, allowing an entire world to become a free-roaming hunting ground, while we even get a nice little addition to Angel lore when it comes to feasting upon Time Lords. The menace of the story is heightened by the Angels using the voice of a victim to communicate with the Doctors, taking a leaf out of 2010’s The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, allowing for a greater sense of tension to come to pass.

The one downside to proceedings are the supporting cast of Padilla and Estra. They’re relegated to bit-parts for most of the adventure, but they hold their own against the two shining leads. The method of defeat for the Angels is nothing special, but at least gives us some of that Timey-Wimey goodness that we all love.

Ultimately, while nothing ground-breaking, Wink is a solid way to spend an hour and reigns supreme over the previous two stories. This is in thanks in no small part to Colin Baker’s performance and McMullin’s script, leaving me hoping for more later down the line with perhaps Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann…

Doctor Who: Out Of Time 3 – Wink is available to purchase at the Big Finish site here, and goes on general release on the 31st August 2022.


‘We’re like a slice of pizza to (the Angels)!’ – Lisa McMullin

The 15 minutes of interviews that accompany this release are a delight through and through from Lisa McMullin talking about writing for these Doctors and the Angels, to David Tennant and McMullin thinking back on Blink and what a success it was. We get some lovely discussion between the two leads about working together and their Doctor’s memories of each other and as an added bonus we get to hear Colin Baker reminiscing on Patrick ‘The Governor’ Troughton, ending this release with a bang!


When the Sixth Doctor goes sight-seeing on Lucidus Silvara, he finds himself in a place where nothing is visible at all… only all-encompassing light! The Tenth Doctor is drawn in by a temporal anomaly, and the two Doctors meet a species with no sense of sight, living in a city surrounded by Weeping Angels.

To save a civilisation, the Doctors must keep their eyes on the Angels. Don’t blink. Don’t even wink…


Colin Baker (The Doctor)

David Tennant(The Doctor)

Ayesha Antoine (Padilla)

Clive Hayward (Dax)

Joanna Van Kampen (Estra)

Production Credits

Cover Art by Simon Holub

Director Ken Bentley

Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs & Jason Haigh-Ellery

Music by Howard Carter

Producer David Richardson

Script Editor Matt Fitton

Sound Design by Howard Carter

Written by Lisa McMullin

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