22 – The Boy & Brahms: The Boy 2

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Welcome to CHUCKYVISION, a podcast about the horror franchise Child’s Play and the main character, Chucky the Good Guy Doll.

Welcome to the monthly specials before the confirmed season 2 of Chucky begins later in 2022! In this month’s offering, Dev and Mark discuss two critically maligned entries in the haunted doll subgenre: The Boy (2016) and Brahms: The Boy 2 (2020). We look for the positives such as unique twists, decent acting, and creepy porcelain dolls, and hit all the major complaints like underdeveloped ideas, overreliances of jump scares, and the utter bafflement of how the same director and writer can tarnish their own original film with a terrible sequel.

Host: Dev Elson
Co-Host: Mark Adams
Editor: Dev Elson
Executive Producer: Tony Black

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