1. A Severance Primer

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Your hosts, Tony Black & Ian Buckley, introduce themselves, discuss their plans for the podcast, and place Apple TV’s SEVERANCE in context with some background information and production history, as they prepare to begin their workplace journey…

Host / Editor / Producer

Tony Black

Co-Host / Producer

Ian Buckley

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  • Such a great idea to create a Severance podcast for those of us who already know it all but can’t stop obsessing about it! As all the other pods close down post-season-finale, we now still have someplace to go to keep speculating and nitpicking! thx for the good commentary as well. You guys are clearly fans. Just FYI, Ian, in your wonderings about the meaning of Mark asking Helly “what is Mr Eagan’s favorite breakfast?”, I blv that was not meant as a cultish Kier scripture reference. It was meant to see if Helly B had memory remains of her father (also Mr Eagan), or if she was properly severed and therefore a blank slate.

  • Mea Culpa! I asserted to Ian that when Helly R was asked about “Mr Eagan’s favorite breakfast food” they were asking about her father, Jame Eagan — but I watched it again & here’s what happened: When Milchik and Helena were walking to the room where she was to have her chip implanted, Milchik Told Helena what Kier Egan’s favorite breakfast food was. Obviously, when Helly R was asked that question on the Severed Floor, they were testing to see if the chop was working & her memories were truly severed.
    Apologies for acting like a know-it-all before! (I’m sorry for the harm Ive done this world…)

    And thx for keeping the Severance obsession alive.

    • Thank you so much for listening and commenting, we really appreciate it! We agree that it’s a good time to dissect the show and doing it in the context of the whole season gives us a unique slant right now – although we will switch to recapping once S2 comes along. Hope you stick with us for the entire ride! Praise Kier! 🙏


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