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This week on Reel Talk, your host Dan Owen talks to podcaster Ian Buckley about Pablo Larrain’s biographical drama SPENCER (~1 min), then Frame Rated writer Logan Butts drops by to discuss the horror-comedy FRESH (~38 mins).

Host & Editor
Dan Owen

Ian Buckley & Logan Butts

Executive Producer
Tony Black

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– Find all of DAN OWEN’s social and web links at https://linktr.ee/danowen

– Find IAN BUCKLEY podcasting at We Are Starfleet: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast (https://pod.link/1519281725), Academy Watch (https://pod.link/1597882254) & The Way: A Star Wars Podcast (https://pod.link/1602511095).

– Find LOGAN BUTTS’ writing for Frame Rated at https://www.framerated.co.uk/author/loganbutts/

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