We Dig Music Series 5 Episode 3 – Now Playing March 2022 A Perfect Circle, Ulver, & Japan

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It’s time for another Now Playing episode while we recalibrate the time machine ready for our next batch of episodes so we’re taking the time to sit back and talk about albums we’re listening to a lot at the moment. All three records this time are inspired by bands we’ve discussed over the last few episodes and while all three albums are very different, there are definitely similar themes throughout them (mainly them all being a bit goth). Colin has chosen American Alt rock supergroup A Perfect Circle’s debut record Mer De Noms from 2000. Ian has also gone for a 2000 release with Norweigan Experimental Electronica band Ulver’s 5th album Perdition City, & Tracey has picked English Art Pop legends Japan & their 1981 swansong Tin Drum

You can listen to the A Perfect Circle record here – https://open.spotify.com/album/0GeWd0yUKXHbCXVag1mJvO?si=LpINo9SFSxWolfI0rsMnpg

here’s the Ulver album – https://open.spotify.com/album/34GSeS7UvvKclKHIXohqjP?si=3qgfk1l2Saan8we1RcmWpA

and here’s Japan’s 80s masterpiece – https://open.spotify.com/album/71R4tl3qYgZVvdlwE7Fxs6?si=6UX35WCrRAqfILRDVf0ROw

As always, if you enjoy the music please consider supporting the artists by buying their records etc.

Hosts – Ian Clarke, Colin Jackson-Brown & Tracey B
Recorded/Edited/Mixed/Original Music by Colin Jackson-Brown for We Dig Podcasts

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