10. Friday Night Dinner

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Welcome back to YOU HAVE BEEN WATCHING, a podcast about British sitcoms.

Join your hosts Tony Black & Robert Turnbull as they discuss Robert Popper’s celebrated Channel Four sitcom FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER, which ran for six series between 2011-2020.

Revolving around the Goodman’s, a middle-class Jewish family, we see sons Adam & Jonny visit their parents Jackie & Martin each Friday night for what turns out to inevitably be a chaotic, strange or sometimes tense dinner, often dragging their weird neighbour Jim and the dog he owns but is terrified of, Wilson, into the madness.

A cult show that grew into a favourite across several generations, what made the show such a success? Does it deserve to be heralded as the defining British family sitcom of the 2010s? We take a look and try to find out…

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Robert Turnbull

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