17B – Chucky Series 1 Round Up pt. 2 of 4: Twitter Q&A

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Welcome to CHUCKYVISION, a podcast about the horror franchise Child’s Play and the main character, Chucky the Good Guy Doll.

The new Chucky TV series has reached it’s epic conclusion! Mark and Dev recorded an epic length episode as a season roundup that clocked in at over two and a half hours. We’ll eventually post that it it’s entirety, but while that’s being edited, we’re posting it in chunks!

In this second chunk of four, Mark and Dev discuss topics and questions sent to them by listeners over Twitter DMs or via tweets sent to them.

The next chunk will be posted as soon as Mark has got it edited, and the full version will be posted in its entirety a few days after that!

Host: Mark Adams
Co-Host: Dev Elson
Editor: Mark Adams
Executive Producer: Tony Black

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