1. Tick, Tick…Boom + Early Awards Season Frontrunners

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Join Academy Watch Host Bo Nicholson and guest Craig McKenzie (from Kneel Before Blog) to take a deep dive into Tick, Tick…Boom! The boys dive deep into their personal experiences to give honest and vulnerable accounts of why this movie means so much to them. Bo will also cover all of the early Awards Season favourites to get you prepared for an exciting Oscars in a few months time!

Host / Editor

Bo Nicholson (@Bo_Pioneer)
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Pretty Fly (https://pod.link/1522212632)
MovieVersaries (https://pod.link/1583380230)


Craig McKenzie (@Nemesis4909)
Listen to his other shows:
Kneel Before Pod (https://pod.link/1131740872)
Rarely Going (https://pod.link/1522486570)

Executive Producer

Tony Black (@ajblackwriter)

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