31 – Rugrats: Reptar Sized Special

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Episode 31 of Right In The Childhood!

Right in the Childhood is a podcast about nostalgia and kids TV. The show’s hosts are two friends from different generations, Mark and Fraser. Mark is a 43 year old on the edge of Gen X and Millennial; Fraser is a 26 year old on the edge of Millennial and Gen Z and they both have a Peter Pan complex! They take it in turns each month to take a look at a treasured TV show from their childhood, share memories, discuss whether the other host has heard of it, rewatch a few episodes and then discuss how it hold up with the hope that it does and that it doesn’t hit them… right in the childhood!

This episode was Fraser’s choice but Mark also watched it when he was a child too! He’s chosen Rugrats: the long running Nickelodeon show about a group of babies and their adventures. However, because it was such a phenomenon with spin-offs, films and video games associated with it, we decided to look at the films, spin-offs and video games as well as the show in a giant sized, nay – Reptar sized, bumper special!

Hosts: Fraser Somers and Mark Adams
Editor: Mark Adams

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