25. September 2021: James Bond Special & No Time to Die

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Welcome back to the latest episode of BETWEEN THE NOTES…

Your hosts, Tony Black & Sean Wilson, return to discuss the latest James Bond film score, NO TIME TO DIE, as part of a Bond music special, and talk a few other September 2021 releases along the way.

They discuss SHANG CHI: THE LEGEND OF THE TEN RINGS & THE GREEN KNIGHT, and composers including Hans Zimmer, Joel P. West, David Arnold, John Barry and more…

00:09:56 – Casino Royale (David Arnold)
00:25:12 – The Green Knight (Daniel Hart)
00:38:33 – The Living Daylights (John Barry)
00:50:42 – Shang Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings (Joel P. West)
01:02:58 – No Time to Die (Hans Zimmer)

Check out our specially curated Spotify playlist of all of the above scores: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/33Q8F3NHrkovgd4UyKrrUk?si=7ef386685d254f49

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Tony Black


Sean Wilson

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Title music ‘Milky Way’ (c) Peter Sandberg/Epidemic Sound

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