Free With This Months Issue 30 – Ben Crudgington (Terrorizer & Rock Sound) selects Terrorizer’s Fear Candy 08

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In episode 30 we’re joined by a former alumnus of both Terrorizer & Rock Sound, Ben Crudgington. A man who decided it wasn’t enough to just listen to free covermount cds, he got a job where he got to compile them and even got his face on the cover! Ben joins us to talk about Terrorizer’s Fear Candy 08, a cd he compiled from October 2004. Due to Ben’s excellent insider knowledge we also learn a lot more about how the cds we know and love (and in some cases fear) are put together!

The cd’s full tracklisting is –
1 – The Haunted – All Against All
2 – Converge – Black Cloud
3 – Cult Of Luna – Leave Me Here (Unmastered)
4 – Danzig – When We Were Dead
5 – Vader – Insomnia
6 – Shadows Fall – The Power Of I And I
7 – Lamb Of God – Hourglass
8 – Red Harvest – Anatomy Of The Unknown
9 – Koreisch – A Premonition Of Life’s Erosion
10 – Elend – Ardour
11 – Mnemic – Deathbox
12 – Caliban – The Beloved & The Hatred
13 – Dead To Fall – Torn Self
14 – Mare – Palaces
15 – Malkovich – 017
16 – Underminded – This Inquisition
17 – The Inbreds – Mutiny On My Mind
18 – Fruit Tree – Red Flower Girl

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