27. Interview: Dr. Una McCormack on Star Trek Discovery – Wonderlands

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Welcome back to WE ARE STARFLEET: A Star Trek Discovery podcast! In this specialty episode celebrating ONE YEAR of the podcast launching, host Mike Slamer speaks with New York Times best selling author and academic, Dr. Una McCormack, about her new tie-in novel to season three of Star Trek Discovery, Wonderlands.

Wonderlands is set over the course of the year between Michael Burnham arriving in the 32nd century, and reconnecting with the starship Discovery. The book follows Burnham as she struggles to adapt to a galaxy without the Federation, and the tattered legacy that Starfleet has left behind. There are new characters introduced, derelict starships to explore, starbases teeming with life, and Burnham and Booker grow a bit closer. All this while an invasive pirate fleet of ships threatens to further destabilize an already awful situation.

We discuss the novel, a bit of the writing process and the themes of loneliness and isolation being so analogous to our own experience with the COVID19 pandemic. Una shares how she got her start with Deep Space 9, and how science fiction plays a role in our culture.

Mike Slamer

Dr. Una McCormack

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