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A special bonus episode of Right In The Childhood!

Right in the Childhood is a podcast about nostalgia and kids TV. The show’s hosts are two friends from different generations, Mark and Fraser. Mark is a 42 year old on the edge of Gen X and Millennial; Fraser is a 25ish year old on the edge of Millennial and Gen Z and they both have a Peter Pan complex! They take it in turns each month to take a look at a treasured TV show from their childhood, share memories, discuss whether the other host has heard of it, rewatch a few episodes and then discuss how it hold up with the hope that it does and that it doesn’t hit them… right in the childhood!

This episode is a special bonus episode where Mark and Fraser celebrate completing their top 5s of each other’s shows and discuss if they’d have different top 5s of their own shows. It’s also a sneaky way of letting you know that we’ve dropped Patreon in favour of Ko-Fi.

Hosts: Mark Adams and Fraser Somers
Editor: Mark Adams

Twitter: @RitCPod
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