3. The Cape & Cowl on the Silver Screen

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Looking forward to Zack Snyder’s cut of the Justice League film in two weeks? Otherwise known as the SnyderCut? So are we! In anticipation, your hosts Jason Melendez and Mike Slamer take a look back at the history of the legendary billionaire playboy/vigilante hero/detective on the silver screen. From the 1989 Tim Burton film Batman, and forward to Matt Reeves’ The Batman coming in 2022, the duo analyzes what made some films great and where things fell flat, and how the character of the Batman has been portrayed.

Not only the films, but the actors wearing the cape & cowl, too! Starting with Michael Keaton through Christian Bale and looking to Robert Pattison’s future efforts! The duo also discusses … Gal Gadot’s feet? You’ll just have to listen to figure that one out!

Jason Melendez / Mike Slamer

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