We Dig Music – Series 4 Episode 2 – Best Of 2007

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We’ve left 1985 behind and blasted forward through time to 2007 where we’ve been watching Spiderman 3 while queuing up to get our savings out of our Northern Rock bank accounts. We’ve also been talking about whether KT Tunstall is really as bad as Tracey previously thought, If rollerboots are cool or not, and whether Trent Reznor is a witch.

We’ve each chosen our 10 favourite songs of the year and sent them over to Ian’s wife Lydia, who put the playlists together and distributed them so we were each given a playlist of the 20 songs from the other two hosts, along with our own 10. We then ranked the playlists in order of preference and sent them to Colin’s wife Helen, who totalled up the points and worked out the order. Helen also joined us on the episode to read out the countdown, which we found out as we recorded so all reactions are genuine.

Now, admittedly, in parts we’re a little bit brutal to some of the songs in the list as we’re three separate people with differing music tastes, but please remember that to be in this episode at all the songs have to have been in one of our top 10’s of that year.

Bands featured in this episode include (In alphabetical order, no spoilers here!) – Arcade Fire, Band Of Horses, Battles, Between The Buried And Me, Bloc Party, Bright Eyes, The Chariot, Clutch, Edwyn Collins, The Fall, Girls Aloud, Grinderman, PJ Harvey, Richard Hawley, King Creosote, Avril Lavigne, LCD Soundsystem, Malcolm Middleton, Minus The Bear, Thurston Moore, Neurosis, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Mark Ronson ft Daniel Merriweather, Kelly Rowland, 65daysofstatic, Stars, Strike The Colours & Patrick Wolf.

Find all songs in alphabetical order here – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2jENZ7wGCfLRONGaYYKgao?si=yQKPgmNHSiWBQeOHX1_JHQ

The playlist of 20 songs from the other two hosts was scored as usual, our favourite song got 20 points, counting down incrementally to our least favourite which got 1 point. The scoring of our own list of 10 is now slightly more complicated in order to give a truer level of points to our own favourites. So rather than them only being able to score as many points as our 10th favourite in the other list, the points in our own list were distributed as follows –

1st place – 20 points
2nd place – 18 points
3rd place – 16 points
4th place – 14 points
5th place – 12 points
6th place – 9 points
7th place – 7 points
8th place – 5 points
9th place – 3 points
10th place -1 point

Hosts – Ian Clarke, Colin Jackson-Brown & Tracey B
Guest starring Helen Jackson-Brown.
Playlist compiling/distributing – Lydia Clarke
Recorded/Edited/Mixed/Original Music by Colin Jackson-Brown for We Dig Podcasts
Thanks to Peter Latimer for help with the scoring system.

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