35. Interview: James Swallow on Star Trek: Picard – The Dark Veil

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Welcome back to MAKE IT SO, a Star Trek: Picard podcast and to a special run of supplementary episodes over the coming months.

In this episode, host Luke Winch talks to BAFTA nominated and New York Times bestselling author James Swallow about his new Star Trek: Picard tie-in novel, The Dark Veil.

The Dark Veil is set a year after the events of Una McCormack’s novel and centre’s around the family dynamic of Riker, Troi and their young son Thaddeus set against the tumultuous backdrop of Romulan tensions and the secrets of an enigmatic race.

We discuss the novel, his writing process, touch on characters and themes, his love of Trek and sci-fi in general before answering some listeners questions.


Luke Winch

Special Guest

James Swallow

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