21. Discovery: 3×13 “That Hope Is You, Part 2.”

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Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery has come to a close with “That Hope is You, Part 2.” The theme of this episode seems to be “missed opportunities.” Join Mike and Ian as they take their time working their way through the nebula of the finale and unpacking those final moments. Doug Jones’ Captain Saru carries the finale through to the finish resolving the mystery of The Burn, while also carrying the legacy of Starfleet’s best captains making the hard choices. Lt. Owo goes to the edge to save the ship, while we are treated to great visual FX and fun dialogue throughout “She’s a queen!”, with brilliant action and set pieces serving up a visual feast! On the flip side, Zora & the DOT23s get horrendously underutilized, Tilly fails to have a true redemption moment to close her character arc for the season, turbolifts must exist in a different dimension, and the epilogue offers precious little closure for fan favorites Captain Saru and Acting XO Tilly.

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Mike Slamer & Ian Buckley

Produced by Mike Slamer
Original Music by Anthony Fuscaldo

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