17. Discovery: 3×09 “Terra Firma Pt. 1”

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Terra Firma Part One takes us on a hard left turn into the Mirror Universe, surprising everyone. Does it work? Ian and Mike both think so! Join them as they discuss the enigmatic entity Carl, Booker’s eagerness to work with the Federation, and what it means that Kelpians have stumbled across a dilithium nursery. In the Mirror Universe, things get a little crazy with a lovely theater performance, which is considered a dull affair without at least one stabbing. Owosekun showcases serious hand-to-hand combat skills, and steals every scene without a word, and Sonequa Martin Green channels Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker.

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Mike Slamer & Ian Buckley

Produced by Mike Slamer
Original Music by Anthony Fuscaldo

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