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It’s pilot season on Don’t Say The C Word during the last straight as the UK rolls out a vaccine for Covid-19! During this period, show host Mark will be piloting five very different podcast ideas that he’s interesting in hosting in future. One, some or none of them might be picked up afterwards and be launched as ongoing podcasts, so if you enjoy what you hear, let us know!

Geek Polymath:
Most people who identify as a geek have an area of geekery that they are obsessive about: a certain film series, TV series, comic book, video game series, etc. I don’t, really: there’s lots of areas of geekery that I’m fond of but don’t obsess about – I call myself a geek polymath. This podcast would be an in-depth conversation with someone who is an avid fan of something that I quite like looking at its fandom and its appeal.

The guest for the pilot of Geek Polymath for a discussion of Marvel Comics is Rob Halden from the Marvel Versus Marvel podcast!

Host: Mark Adams
Guest: Rob Halden
Editor: Mark Adams

Twitter: @DontSayTheCPod
We Made This On Twitter: @wemadethispod

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