Milestone 16 – Wendy Andrew

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Welcome to Life’s Milestones – the fortnightly podcast about birth and naming ceremonies, relationship and marriage, and death and funerals, hosted by Mark Adams, a Humanist Celebrant.

Mark’s guest on this episode is Wendy Andrew: a Pet Bereavement Councillor who runs the Scottish Pet Bereavement Counselling Service and the author of How To Recover From Pet Loss: Supporting You On Your Journey To Acceptance.

Wendy shares stories about her life’s milestones including her life with animals, her dad’s tell when she was a girl that meant she could always tell how angry he was, how she’d like to incorporate her love of Strictly Come Dancing into her wedding and the alternative eco-friendly way she’d like to be used to dispose of her body. They also discuss the loss of a pet and the bereavement process that people go through.

Host / Editor: Mark Adams
Guest: Wendy Andrew

Twitter: @LifesMilestones
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