16. Discovery: 3×08 “The Sanctuary” w. Craig McKenzie

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Jonathan Frakes returns to direct another great episode of Star Trek Discovery in, THE SANCTUARY. Heading home to Book’s planet, the crew finally meets with the leader of The Emerald Chain, Ossyra. Adira is tasked with developing a new algorithm while they struggle with the loss of their joined symbiont’s previous hosts, and has a talk with Stamets. Captain Saru is workshopping a new phrase, while Detmer Top Gun’s her way to overcoming trauma.

In this episode of the podcast, Mike & Ian are joined by fellow We Made This creator, host of Rarely Going: A Lower Decks Podcast (& more), Craig McKenzie, to break down the episode and its relation to Trek canon.

Mike Slamer & Ian Buckley

Craig McKenzie

Produced by Mike Slamer
Original Music by Anthony Fuscaldo

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