Milestone 15 – Emily Van Fleet & Nathan Jones

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Welcome to Life’s Milestones – the fortnightly podcast about birth and naming ceremonies, relationship and marriage, and death and funerals, hosted by Mark Adams, a Humanist Celebrant.

Mark’s guests on this episode are Emily Van Fleet and Nathan Jones: the first married couple on the podcast. Emily and Nathan are American podcasters who host the show Twice As Less Not Perfect: A Messy Marriage Podcast and it seemed like a perfect fit for married podcasters to come onto Life’s Milestones!

Emily and Nathan share stories about their life’s milestones including how they were both ‘accidents’ but loved as children, how they made a trash can into a wedding alter and made mix CDs for favours at their microwedding, and their experiences of seeing dead bodies. They also share some insight about the dwindling popularity of open caskets in America and how to become a Wedding Officiant.

Host / Editor: Mark Adams
Guests: Emily Van Fleet and Nathan Jones

Twitter: @LifesMilestones
We Made This on Twitter: @wemadethispod

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