Pilot 1 – Ask A…?

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It’s pilot season on Don’t Say The C Word during Lockdown 2! Over the second UK lockdown, show host Mark will be piloting five very different podcast ideas that he’s interesting in hosting in future. One, some or none of them might be picked up afterwards and be launched as ongoing podcasts, so if you enjoy what you hear, let us know!

Pilot 1 – Ask A…?
This is an interactive podcast where Mark has a guest who identifies as a minority or marginalised group of some kind and people can send in anonymous questions via social media to help them understand that minority better. No questions are banned but pernicious questions may be answered with contempt! The pilot episode was: Ask An Asexual.

Host: Mark Adams
Guest: Fraser Somers
Editor: Mark Adams

Twitter: @DontSayTheCPod
We Made This On Twitter: @wemadethispod

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