12. Discovery: 3×04 “Forget Me Not”

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The theme of this episode is Growth as a result of Trauma. Tackling mental health straight on is a challenging effort for a television show, but with Culber taking center stage, it feels like we’re all in good hands. Burnham takes a shuttle down to the Trill home-world and goes for a quick swim with the symbionts, while Adira makes sense of the past. Lt. Detmer cracks under the haiku, and Georgiou leaves with the wine. Saru gets more time to grow onscreen as a character, flexing his social and command muscles. We get treated to a movie night in the shuttlebay, and “Zora” makes her debut. Recorded on the eve of the announcement of Joe Biden’s win for the 46th President of the United States!

Mike Slamer & Ian Buckley

Produced by Mike Slamer
Original Music by Anthony Fuscaldo

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