8. Bored Michael Burnham

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In the run up to Star Trek Discovery Season Three premiering on October 15th, Mike brings back Ian from the season two recap episodes to talk about what we can expect from the crew of the Discovery’s adventures into the 32nd Century. Ian dreams about special guest stars like the EMH coming back, the Year of Hell, and how much this season may be influenced by ST:Voyager. While discussing ST:Lower Decks and the inherent comedy of Star Trek, the duo theorizes on potential plot points for the next season and the character dynamics of Mariner and Burnham.

Only one episode left of the Podcast until the new season premieres! We’ll be changing our production schedule to accommodate, so keep an eye on the Twitter feed for updates! Check out Make It So, also on the WE MADE THIS network of podcasts, to get individual episode breakdowns on ST:Discovery.

HOST: Mike Slamer
GUEST: Ian Buckley

Produced by Mike Slamer
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