Series 1, Episode 2: A Village of Honey Scented Darkness

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Looking for a house in the idyllic village of Midsomer Worthy? Let 2 Buy 2 Let 2 Murder help! Based in the peaceful county of Midsomer, Dana and Meg are relocation experts who guarantee to find you your perfect home. This week we have three new properties on the market, and we can’t wait to show you around!

From a successful Antique business, owned by one careful lady owner, to a tasteful villa with a plunge pool, there is something here to please everyone. Midsomer Worthy is a creative hub, with lashings of inspiration for aspiring authors. Please visit our website to arrange a viewing today!

A podcast about the houses featured in Midsomer Murders. Ever wanted to live in the idyllic villages of Midsomer? Well let us help you!

Dana and Meg are here to sell you the perfect house! Eavesdrop as we discuss the properties left empty by the, um, unfortunate demise of various residents in Badger’s Drift. Just don’t ask about incest…


Dana Galbraith / Meg

Twitter: @2buy2let2murder / @wemadethispod

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