12. James Bond & Spectre – Five Years On

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Welcome to the latest episode of the MOTION PICTURES podcast.

Your hosts, Carl Sweeney & Tony Black, as they prepare for the return of 007 himself, James Bond, in the upcoming NO TIME TO DIE, this week choose to return to his last outing, 2015’s SPECTRE.

Following the enormous critical and box office success of SKYFALL in 2012, Spectre was maligned by some critics (and loved by others) and received a mixed response from fans which has persisted over the last half a decade.

We look at why this might be, deconstructing particular criticisms about Spectre – from retconned narrative to poor character work – and analyse whether the film deserves reap-recitation with some distance, and quite how the film should now be contextualised within the Bond canon.

Host / Editor:

Carl Sweeney


Tony Black

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Tony on Spectre: https://ajblackwriter.com/2020/08/28/spectre-suggests-james-bonds-team-ethic-future/

Peter Suderman deconstructs the issues: https://www.vox.com/2015/11/6/9678580/spectre-james-bond-review

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