Milestone 8 – Brandi Jackola

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Welcome to Life’s Milestones – the fortnightly podcast about birth and naming ceremonies, relationship and marriage, and death and funerals, hosted by Mark Adams, a Humanist Celebrant.

Mark’s guest on this episode is Brandi Jackola. Brandi is the host of numerous podcasts including The Vedek Assembly, Head Canon and The Dark Corners. Brandi shares stories about her life’s milestones including a detailed account of how she grew up as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints community but left in her adulthood, clashing with her mum on her wedding day and the Goth music playlist she’d like for her wake. Mark and Brandi also spend some time comparing and contrasting the differences in the cultures of the UK and the USA when it comes to birth, marriage and death.

Host / Editor: Mark Adams
Guest: Brandi Jackola

Twitter: @LifesMilestones
We Made This on Twitter: @wemadethispod

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