17. Classic Composers: The Music of Elmer Bernstein

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Welcome back to the latest episode of BETWEEN THE NOTES…

Your hosts, Tony Black & Sean Wilson, are this week celebrating the life and work of the late, great Elmer Bernstein.

Along the way, they choose 10 tracks between them from across Bernstein’s filmography, as you can see below. Don’t forget to enjoy our playlists compiled for your enjoyment alongside our film music discussion.

00:00-13:10 – Intro
13:43-19:40 – To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
19:41-29:02 – The Great Escape (1963)
29:03-35:30 – The Man With the Golden Arm (1955)
35:31-42:09 – Cape Fear (1991)
42:10-49:37 – Airplane! (1980)
49:38-55:06 – The Ten Commandments (1956)
55:07-1:00:11 – Heavy Metal (1981)
1:00:12-1:05:08 – Animal House (1978)
1:05:09-1:10:56 – Far From Heaven (2002)
1:10:57-1:15:56 – The Magnificent Seven (1960)
1:15:42 – Outro

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Sean Wilson

Classic Composers: Elmer Bernstein on Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7MwnsVSThrtLY8y0NVZu4g?si=BB5TRfe3R6mR6B7OrcQvjQ

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