9. Mulan, Masks & Distribution (The State of the Cinematic Nation II)

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Welcome back to the MOTION PICTURES podcast…

Your hosts, Tony Black and Carl Sweeney, return for a shorter addendum episode following their previous examination of the state of cinema in 2020.

They look at the recent AMC/Universal window that has shortened distribution windows, look at the effect of legally wearing a mask in the cinema in the UK, and discuss the recent news about Mulan being released in September on Disney+ for an additional fee.

EDITOR’S NOTE: since recording this episode, Cineworld have since released information stating that patrons will need to wear masks on the premises, but can remove them to eat food and drink.

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Carl Sweeney

00:00-3:16 – Intro
3:17-14:51 – The Universal/AMC Distribution Deal
14:52-19:29 – Compulsory Masks and Will You Wear One?
19:30-38:54 – Mulan, Disney+ & Will You Pay For It?
38:55 – Outro

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