8. 20/20 Vision (The State of the Cinematic Nation)

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Welcome back to the MOTION PICTURES podcast.

Your hosts, Tony Black and Carl Sweeney, return after a sizeable hiatus to discuss 2020 so far, and how the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and changed the cinematic landscape.

How has this affected cinema, beyond the obvious closures? What changes do we imagine might stick thanks to Covid? And what do we expect the landscape to look like as we enter this decade?

EDITOR’S NOTE: since recording this episode, AMC & Universal struck a deal which immediately dates some of what we discuss on this podcast. How very dare they. More details here: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/amc-theatres-universal-collapsing-theatrical-window-17-days-unprecedented-pact-1304759

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Carl Sweeney

0:00-4:21 – Intro
4:22-17:31 – Lockdown Watching Habits
17:32-30:02 – Non-Cinema Premieres
30:03-36:17- Distribution Battles
36:18-45:48 – Will the Cinema venue survive?
45:49-56:31 – Is It Safe?
56:32-01:14:20 – Problematic Cinema
01:14:21-01:32:20 – Tenet, Bond & Where Does This All Go?
01:32:21 – Outro

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