We Dig Music – Series 3 Episode 8 – The Lemonheads & Limp Bizkit

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This month it’s about time we take it to the Mathews Bridge so we’ll be talking about Boston’s finest alternative rock bubblegrunge troubadours The Lemonheads & Jacksonville’s polarising “Rage Against The Machine For Idiots” Nu Metal rapscallions Limp Bizkit. As usual we can never stay on topic for too long so we’ll also be talking about fair excuses for being late for Glastonbury sets, Enya’s beard, & where George Michael went wrong.

Find all available songs on our spotify playlist here – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7sAsWQXlCILbtJ2EUaslsW?si=v9L1nAZsTaSGuYLnXjTx7Q

and here’s Colin’s “Road To Bizkit” Nu Metal primer – https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5ewPL3D7mYcLO257lLIQQt?si=Yt60AR_8RmCYvohSu8sImA

Hosts – Ian Clarke, Colin Jackson-Brown & Tracey B.
Recorded/Edited/Mixed/Original Music by Colin Jackson-Brown for We Dig Podcasts

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