332. X-Fest 2019: The Breakdown

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X-Fest 2019: The Breakdown

In this special supplemental episode, we look back on the recent X-Fest 2019 event now the dust has settled on the weekend.

Hosted by Tony Black, he talks to some of the X-Cast team who were present about their favourite moments, celebrity encounters and their experience of the event in general…

Host / Editor

Tony Black


Marlene Stemme / Michelle Milbauer / Carl Sweeney / Cathy Glinski / Sarah Blair / Cortlan Waters Bartley

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Adam Chamberlain, Michelle Milbauer, Cathy Glinski, Kurt North, Jenn Ferguson, Astrid Klosterkoetter, Naomi Miller, Adam Silva, Michael John Petty, Marlene Stemme, Deana Ferreri, Katie Doe, Donna Pirkle, Isabelle Dubois, Andrew Blaker, Cortlan Waters Bartley, Martha Payne, Delta 51, Clarissa de Becker, Maura Funchion Jaeger, Sarah Devicomte, Jeremy Daniels, Caredwen Foley, Daniela Marlitsis, Justin Bernstein, Calla Dreams, Wanda Vincent, Maria Payan-Perkowski, Karen McKenna, Michael Little, Luke Winch, Caleb Burnett, Chandru Ravindran, Mark O’Brien, Russell Hugo, Kelsey L Mayer, Bethany Good, Sarah Ford.

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