We Dig Music – Series 2 Episode 12 – Laibach & LCD Soundsystem

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This time our our alphabetical musical shenanigans decide it’s time to get away to the letter L so we’re talking about Slovenia’s stompiest avant-garde industrial statesmen Laibach and New York’s indie dance legends LCD Soundsystem. Of course, we can never stay fully on topic for long so we’ll also be talking about soundtrack albums to movies with no music, missing Maiden for Mylo and Tracey finds the most tenuous link in the history of the podcast (so far)…

Listen all available songs in full here – https://open.spotify.com/user/newpathstohelicon/playlist/3j6UI9jMAwAfYctgSAxrvQ?si=yo-lu2pCSe2cpVKGrLKRww

here’s a link to the BBC documentary on Laibach’s historic gig in North Korea. it’s really good – https://archive.org/details/LaibachLiberationDay

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