Tony Talks #7 – The End is Near

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Oh by gosh, by golly, it’s getting on for time for mistletoe and holly, and it’s been over a month since I updated this blog at all.

Truth is, I have been knee deep in The Book aka Cult Fiction aka A New Title I Can’t Tell You About Yet.

The end, thankfully, is very much in sight. My extended deadline is the end of November and I am working like a demon to get a draft off to the publisher before the end of the month. It’s between 60-65k words, not including notes, and covers a multitude of TV shows, plus a little about movies, books, comics and even video games.

What this means is that everything else has taken, where necessary, a back seat. I’ve written much less lately for Set The Tape, I’ve handed off certain podcast recordings to very capable colleagues (although I do have a few fun things to report there – see below) and my movie viewing consistency has devolved to such a point that I cancelled my beloved Cineworld Unlimited card, aware I’ve visited the flicks only three times since June. I used to do three films in a day!

The book, however, is not going to write itself and, honestly, it’s gone through more than a few significant changes over the last couple of months than I had imagined.

One thing this experience has taught me, should I be fortunate enough to write another book one day, is that mapping out very clearly the structure and plan before the writing begins is as essential as it would be in writing a novel, or writing a script. A book involving critical thinking is no different in that respect and requires a discipline that I, as a novice, failed to appreciate. It’s all a learning curve but I know how I would do The Next Book differently, that’s for sure.

That’s all to come. Once this book goes off to be edited and no doubt aspects revised going into 2019, I am looking forward to getting back to the blogging bread and butter – finishing Alias S1, for a start, which will be my first order of business. Hopefully more movies going into 2019 too, even though it’ll now cost me a fortune to watch anything without the Unlimited card!

There is also the We Made This podcast network I am about to launch in January, which I discussed in my last entry. I’ve been working on producing The Time Is Now amidst book writing – lucky enough to interview two of the most recognised stars from Millennium, Megan Gallagher & Bill Smitrovich, who were just the nicest people. Episodes featuring my conversations with them shall drop early next year, as will another chat I had with The X-Files‘ Cigarette-Smoking Man himself, William B. Davis, which too was a thrill, expanding on a brief conversation I had with him at the beginning of the year.

Beyond that, podcasting wise, I am heading back to Trek FM show Primitive Culture hopefully for one recording a month heading into 2019 after a fantastic time being part of a podcast panel at the Destination Star Trek event at Birmingham’s NEC in October; shaking hands with Ira Steven Behr and thanking him for DS9, plus being part of a fun chat with the charming Alexander Siddig, were among the highlights of a great weekend seeing some old podcasting friends and making new ones. I’ll be hosting the 50th episode of PC soon, to air early next year, and our Trek-based topic is certainly appropriate.

Elsewhere, a few more guest appearances are beckoning. After discussing Charles Laughton’s brilliant The Night of the Hunter in September, I’m soon back on Carl Sweeney’s The Movie Palace to talk, alongside another fellow X-Cast chum Sarah Blair, the wonderful Mary Poppins – expect singing, guv’na! In December, I’ll be joining Cube director Vincenzo Natali for another appearance on Mike White’s peerless The Projection Booth to discuss John Carpenter’s best film, Big Trouble in Little China – yes, I said his best film, come at me! Also I’ll be cropping up on The 250, Darren Mooney & Andrew Quinn’s terrific Irish film podcast, to talk Clouzot’s The Wages of Fear at some point, part of a crossover with something yet to be announced but I’m very excited to devote more time to in 2019 as well…

So! Lots of fun bits and pieces coming up in the writing & podcast sphere, all of which will begin coming together once The Book is finally completed, sent off, and gets the editing shears to it. Then I can hopefully start talking more about the content & give you a proper title to chew over!

Keep an eye on the blog as it may be quiet right now, but Cultural Conversation shall be back in business entering 2019.

The Time is Near

Tony x

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