271. Interview: Stefan Petrucha on The X-Files Topps Comics

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Interview: Stefan Petrucha In this special episode, Darren Mooney speaks to Stefan Petrucha, writer of The X-Files Topps line of comic tie-ins written in the mid-1990’s, to talk about his contribution to the series. They discuss how he came to be involved in The X-Files, details about his process of crafting the stories, his collaborations with 1013, and his work beyond the Topps comics themselves – plus much more!   Host Darren Mooney Guest Stefan Petrucha Production Tony Black (Editor/Executive Producer), Kurt North (Patron), Michelle Milbauer (Patron), Jenn Ferguson (Patron), Astrid Klosterkoetter (Patron), Naomi Miller (Patron), Adam Silva (Patron), Michael John Petty (Patron), Cathy Glinski (Patron), Andrew Brooker (Patron), Andrew Blaker (Patron), Isabelle Dubois (Patron), Deana Ferreri (Patron), Katie Doe (Patron), Cortlan Waters Bartley (Patron), Malcolm Crang (Patron), Marlene Stemme (Patron), Martha Payne (Patron), Delta 51 (Patron), Clarissa de Becker (Patron), Michael Little (Patron), Maura Funchion Jaeger (Patron), Sarah Devicomte (Patron), Michael Gehrmann (Patron), Jeremy Daniels (Patron), Alexander Gates (Patron), Russell Hugo (Patron), Kelsey L Mayer (Patron), Bethany Good (Patron) Find us online on… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES The X-Cast on PATREON Next time… Carl Sweeney takes the hosting chair alongside guest Brandon Shea-Mutala to discuss Season 3’s ‘Oubliette’…

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