3×06 ‘2shy’ – Episode Analysis Our coverage of Season 3 continues as Sarah Blair takes the hosting chair alongside author John Kenneth Muir to discuss this cautionary tale on stranger danger… Mulder & Scully investigate the death of a woman who had all of her fatty tissue removed by the killer. While Mulder suspects a ‘fat-sucking vampire’, Scully fights off institutionalised police sexism as they both realise the danger may lie in the new, unknown world of online dating, and a particularly calculating individual named Virgil Incanto… Host Sarah Blair Guest John Kenneth Muir Production Tony Black (Editor/Executive Producer), Kurt North (Patron), Michelle Milbauer (Patron), Jenn Ferguson (Patron), Astrid Klosterkoetter (Patron), Naomi Miller (Patron), Adam Silva (Patron), Michael John Petty (Patron), Cathy Glinski (Patron), Andrew Brooker (Patron), Andrew Blaker (Patron), Isabelle Dubois (Patron), Deana Ferreri (Patron), Katie Doe (Patron), Cortlan Waters Bartley (Patron), Malcolm Crang (Patron), Marlene Stemme (Patron), Martha Payne (Patron), Delta 51 (Patron), Clarissa de Becker (Patron), Michael Little (Patron), Maura Funchion Jaeger (Patron), Sarah Devicomte (Patron), Michael Gehrmann (Patron), Jeremy Daniels (Patron), Alexander Gates (Patron), Russell Hugo (Patron), Kelsey L Mayer (Patron), Bethany Good (Patron) Artwork by Jeremy Daniels Find us online on… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES The X-Cast on PATREON Next time… Sarah returns as host, joined by podcaster Clara Cook, as they discuss Season 3’s seventh episode, ‘The Walk’…

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