We Dig Music – Series 2 Episode 1 – American Music Club & Arcade Fire

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Series 2! Our alphabetical musical escapades have wakes up again at the letter A, which means we’re talking about San Francisco’s self sabotaging, heavy drinking alternative songsmiths American Music Club and Montreal based multi-instrumentalist, anthemic indie stadium fillers Arcade Fire . As usual we never stay on topic for long so you’ll also hear us talking about paleolithic extreme hurdy-gurdy metal, covert Justin Timberlake dolphins, not Aerosmith and Tracey infuriates her heroes…

Listen to (all available) songs in full here – https://open.spotify.com/user/newpathstohelicon/playlist/5ERe88k7Uatf4eB8EqVd2Z?si=tgsKLX7eShieVRxIUb65Ow

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