259. X-Cast Update #1: The X-Cast Live! & Patron Perks

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Tony Black briefly stops by to give you an update on all things The X-Cast. Season 3: when it starts, who’s on it, what you can expect. Patron X-Clusives – the perks available for supporting the show, including sneak peeks at our Harsh Realm deep dive & commentary track for Jose Chung’s ‘From Outer Space’. The X-Cast Live! All the details, plus how you can donate to support the Alzheimer’s Society   Host Tony Black   Production Tony Black (Editor/Executive Producer), Kurt North (Patron), Michelle Milbauer (Patron), Jenn Ferguson (Patron), Astrid Klosterkoetter (Patron), Naomi Miller (Patron), Adam Silva (Patron), Cathy Glinski (Patron), Andrew Brooker (Patron), Andrew Blaker (Patron), Isabelle Dubois (Patron), Deana Ferreri (Patron), Katie Doe (Patron), Cortlan Waters Bartley (Patron), Malcolm Crang (Patron), Marlene Stemme (Patron), Martha Payne (Patron), Michael Gehrmann (Patron), Jeremy Daniels (Patron), Alexander Gates (Patron), Russell Hugo (Patron), Kelsey L Mayer (Patron), Bethany Good (Patron) Find us online on… FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ITUNES The X-Cast on PATREON DONATE to The X-Cast Live! *Artwork by J.J. Lendl. Our thanks to him. http://www.jjlendl.com

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